Monthly Archives: September 2007

Teeny Tiny Delights

Some whimsy for your monday, embroidery and forest bits (perhaps another hankie for the squirrels!):

And the most delightful vintage pointy shoe pin given to me by my mom:

Reminds me of these recently acquired shoes

I wish they fit!

Ships in My Hair and A Hankie for Squirrels

Saturday! Today a tiny ship softy swan in my hair.

A squirrel’s hankie with gnawed-on seedpods and a delicate insects wings.

There must be a lot of wingless insects around, in the woods small veined dragonfly-like wings were laying all over the ground. I love insects, especially dragonflies and the praying mantis. Which insect is your favorite?

Beautiful Things…

I bought the most beautiful print (in a wonderful wooden frame in pale pink) at the antique shop. It was stashed away in a dusty corner amongst some not-so-nice art. I like the delicacy of the image and the paleness of color in this print. I just love art that is delicate and detailed in general. I think this find encompases both quite well!

Just look at these ladies!

Oh, and speaking of delicate things, my meandering around in the woods the other day produced this find:

And this…

And I could’nt ask for any thing else right now but I stumbled upon this outside:

The clock’s imagery completed my day! It was outside, sitting in the grass, preparing to go to the dump. No, I did not carry it away, but in passing the whole scene had quite a pleasing and whimsical aesthetic. It was certainly one of those in-the-moment blissful sights!

I am going to paint tonight. I have a new, big, detailed scene in the works. I hope to post it very soon, but my new schedule can only accompy painting in the wee night hours, so we will see.

A few things, sold in lots, on Etsy.

It’s wonderful to get a bunch of something in the mail, isn’t it?

Here are a few lots on Etsy that I am admiring:

skeleton keys x 3 by Opulent Oddities

Little Papercuts Print Set by My Folk Lover

And for making things…Paper Love!

Vintage Wallpaper Packet #2 by Good Luck Studio

Aren’t the colors in this wallpaper wonderful? I could only image all the little snippets I would cut from it!

Another shop to check out~

Lolly’s Attic Treasures

I so enjoyed perusing through the items in this shop. So, so many lots of vintage papers and other odd things.

A good night to all!

The Curious Fox

Now, what would a little foxling want with a lone cardinal? The fox is stalking it, tormenting the cardinal so!

Here is The Curious Fox painting on handmade petal-filled paper

Inspired by an older milky fox sketch in my dear sketchbook from last December. Gosh, that seemed just like yesterday!

Print is available in my shop
As you can see, the taste of chill in the air that I experienced the other night ’round the campfire has me wishing for cold…brrr!

Life, whimsy, painting…September!

The last few days have been spent in such relaxation…taking long walks stepping in the crunchy leaves (while closing my eyes and imagining its Autumn), reading, scouring thrift shops, painting and sketching a bit. The other night we had a camp fire with toasted marshmallows in the country. For the first time in a long time I saw the sky scattered with stars. And it was COLD…a light wool sweater type of cold! I love September. So, from now to the end of October, its all Autumn here! It comes and goes to quickly, I am going to savor every second of it, and I’m sure you will want to too!

A few things as of recent…

My desk, newly cleaned and cleared-off. I have a new project in the works, the pile of paper covered masonite in the top left corner is a hint of it’s preparation. The sketchbook on the lower left side is brand new, and probably the best sketch book I have ever had for many reasons. It has a soft, flexible leather cover that I’m thinking will accommodate the bulge of papers pasted on its pages. It feels so good in my hands! I just can’t wait to fill it with doodles.

Some vintage clothing I am ecstatic about! My very cluttered shelf to the right. Good clutter though.

Thrifted things from last Friday. Oh, except the old medicine bottle.

Martha Labels, Kiki Smith, Embroidered bee, a odd couple I snipped from an old book, tree card from Whole Foods, and another Kiki.

A peak at the first painting in the new project I was writing about above. She is painted on beautiful handmade paper with little petals captured in the pulp, which is giving her a very soft feel. She will be in the shop very soon, along with the others.