Ships in My Hair and A Hankie for Squirrels

Saturday! Today a tiny ship softy swan in my hair.

A squirrel’s hankie with gnawed-on seedpods and a delicate insects wings.

There must be a lot of wingless insects around, in the woods small veined dragonfly-like wings were laying all over the ground. I love insects, especially dragonflies and the praying mantis. Which insect is your favorite?

6 replies on “Ships in My Hair and A Hankie for Squirrels”

  1. I love the photo of you with the ship! My favorite insects are dragonflies and butterflies. Your homage to the squirrels is very cute.

  2. These are pretty photos!! I do love all winged insects, just about. Butterflies and dragonflies are some of my favorites. A monarch type of butterfly graced me on my jog w/ my dog this morning- so light and beautiful! I’ll be posting some pics of an enormous moth from my garden- soo biiig!! Gorgeous too!

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