sunshine sunday

I had the most splendid weekend. For starters, I turned 28 on Saturday and no better way to celebrate it outside with such lovely weather and sunshine. Last week was a real downer, it rained and rained for DAYS and flooded most of the area. When I saw the first rays of sunshine my spirits were lifted and now I am in the mood for summer and I bet you are too! For my birthday celebration I ate lots of seaweed wrapped sushi followed by an ice cream in its finest form- the sundae!. Today I woke up at the break of dawn and blissed out on a morning walk. We drove down to Princeton and walked around the campus. The magnolia, daffodils and tulips are all in bloom and I am petal heaven.

I am loving yellow and shades of blue, such as found in this Blue Jay I spotted eating a berry. And speaking of spots, how wonderful are polka dots?

And…I have been working on a series of paintings. still on the ship-in-hand theme. Here is a teeny teaser, an under painting of sorts:

Have a good night and a very sunny tomorrow!