snowy mondays and ships to take me away

Oh my…It’s been almost a week since I last updated! Time sure does fly. Recently the days have been filled with bundles of inspiration, a little snow, and some time off.
To start, I received a lovely crochet ascot from the immensely talented
I love it so! I have been hoarding vintage pins (amongst other thrifted things) and I adorned it with a few of my recent finds…a pearly skeleton key and a swirly filigree flower.
Second, I have been dreaming of all things nautical and when I found this ship in the thrift store it was absolute love! I think I am going to paint the whole thing a pretty pale shade of robin’s egg blue. My most recent painting is of a gal drinking tea in the forest and there are ships sailing right into her little teacup! It matches perfectly and I was able to use the ship as reference when I was painting.