antique patchwork, old journals and wild rosehips in my hair

Ok, now for a proper post!

I was sorting through my vintage fabrics stash, and oh what fun! I have old lace and embroidery pieces, patchwork pillows and flower girl veils from the 20’s, satin ribbons and such. Amongst it all I found a piece of patchwork that is particulary inspiring, a tidbit of it posted below.
Last weekend when I went for a walk I stumbled upon a field of dainty wild rose hips. Some were quite withered but a plethora of the tiny hips were still cherry red! I cut a few sprigs for my hair and to take back to my home. Was fun!
Pictures of vintage finds posted in

For meanderings in the field, vintage finds…click below!

This patchwork swatch is so perfectly faded and delicate.

Finds` How wonderful is this skirt? I was thrilled to get the enclosed butterfly and owl bank too! Wooden necklace pendant from awhile ago. I wish that the metal in old costume jewelry didn’t give off such a horrible stench and discolor my skin, although I still wear.


This giant pear is a pendant and on the other side is a mirror! Background is vintage bed sheets.

Rosehips from this weekend.

This little brass dearie came with a friend as well, not pictured. And another wooden necklace.

Two years ago I wrote down my art inspirations in my journal. I am seriously thinking about keeping a journal book again! I was reinspired with these words~

Does anyone have a yummy recipe for wild rosehip tea?

I have to post pics of my inspiration table/ alter very soon!