Salem Adventures

On our way up north we visited Salem, Massachusetts. Stayed at a charming old bed and breakfast neighboring Nathaniel Hawthorn’s House of the Seven Gables.
Salem is rich and maritime history and has amazing homes! The amount of historic homes that stand there are amazing…some that are hundreds of years old! I would suggest exploring the more residential parts of town. In addition, there’s a wonderful museum with art and artifacts from Salems old trade days, antique items from the families that lived there.
Lots of shopping. Browsing in a store on Wharf Street…

Here I am walking into the Peabody Essex Museum. Beautiful airy lobby.
The museum is an awesome chunk of history for the area. Antiques such as family portraits, old dolls, victorian jewelry and sailor’s travel journals are on display. There’s some keen folk art there as well. I went to an exhibit called “Painting Summer in New England” which was most wonderful. I especially liked to view “Summer” by Frank Benson”. It was so magical to see it in person!

Loved the contrast of this doorway and the shutters. Picture taken while exploring the residential part of town.

There is a quaint flower garden complete with a giant koi pond, multiple trellises and a sundial in the middle. Mid summer yields the brightest blooms! Floral details from the garden-

I’m peeking out of the porch from the old white house that the garden was behind. Its quite hidden, we just happened to stumble behind it, lured in by a viney trellis.

This bookstore was awesome! Books piled high. I could have spent a week in there.

The square in front of town hall. High foot traffic in the fall…but it seemed to be quite quiet in July.

In one of the buildings near town hall is a cute little ice shop in a very pretty space where you can get ice cream and Joseph Scmidt chocolate truffles (my favorite!) after trying one you will never want to waste another calorie on Hershey’s again, haha! Me looking at ice cream…decided on mocha java chip. A few autums ago I bought the cutest pumpkin truffles here.

Being silly and knocking on the door of The House of the Seven Gables…

Crescent moon over The House of Seven Gables.

Gazing out at the harbor at dawn. Beautiful.

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