Festival Pics!

Had a fun time at Spoutwood Faerie Fest this year. Spoutwood farm is an organic farm in PA which hosts the festival, along with other happenings. http://www.fairiefestival.net/ It was a beautiful sunny Sunday. Relaxed in the grass and admired the costumes and the music. We came to the conclusion “we should do this more at home!” so we have tea party plans next weekend, BYOB (bring your own bonnet).
Dusty Shoes… and we stepped in pretty poison ivy SOOOO many times! The field where we parked was COVERED in it! A few red bumps but thats about it.

The whimsical flyer:

some of us:

Faerie Magazine was there too. They had this awesome faerie house sitting on the table at their booth, made from a hollowed out tree stump.

Rolling hills were the backdrop to the festival. Breathtaking. Someone had sculpted some cute spotted mushrooms too.

How cute is this little wagon/gypsy cart!!! The children were mesmerized.

They had some fun folk music that Cherie LOVED. As you can see, I think she had a crush on the singer. Here she is wearing my elf ears. AWWWW!

decorated branches and a crystal gazing ball by the brook:

I love Rachel’s wings!!!

I was trying to fly, pic taken by Rachael: