Spring is near, wouldn’t you agree?

Went for a long walk on Sunday to observe the first subtle hints of spring and maybe draw some inspiration for new art. Purple crocuses sprouting up in water drenched lawns, birdies singing, and I even saw two bright blue bird eggs (what was left of them, eeek!) So now I have lots of inspiration. And the full moon tonight….creativity craziness (lots of ideas, VERY tired). I even bought a small birds nest the other day, along with some eggs for the occasion, and I must say they look as real and earthy as plastic eggs can look:

AND, bought some pussywillows to adorn my table. Long, wispy willow branches with the softest, silver little buds sprouting from them. I love them! Here they are, supporting an imaginary birdies home:

So now I need a vase to put them in, and set up my inspiration table with spring hodgepodge. Maybe some butterflies, rosebuds, a little bird bath filled with water, essential oils and rose petals….