FINALLY Sewing again….
Working on the commissioned bag…will finish and post pictures by midweek. No, my machine is STILL not fixed, but I *stole* my friend Cherie’s at her birthday party last night, and it has been purring away all day!
In the meantime, I worked on some elaborate ivy knots for a new applique design. An experiment of sorts that will go on a pretty green velvet tote. With ivy leaf ties! Here’s the sketch:

I was inspired last week during an icy walk around the park (I had the day off due to the weather!). The way that the snow and ice gathered on the ivy was enchanting. I even went out and bought some English Ivy for my studio, which is part of my plot to redecorate, de clutter and ORGANIZE (other things to keep me occupied during the sewing machine saga)
Pretty ivy_