Just a lil’ Sneak Peak…

At my One-Of-A-Kind fiber art creations for the Faire-
Spent my weekend sewing, sewing, and more sewing. The rest of the time was spent on loooong walks observing the frosty outdoors for inspiration. Thought I would share some of my musings with you. Here’s the pretty ” Sea Green Moon Beam” with her painted cloth face and celtic knot, appliqued and free motion embroidered with shimmery-glimmery golden thread, awaiting my hands to make her into a magical handbag~

Here’s all m’ladies, on the floor with artwork neatly tucked behind them, awaiting the final steps of their creation…

Meet “Elven Star Nature Gal”. She just might be my favorite, if I played that game. She is adorned with spring green leaves, and lots of sparklies in her hair and wings AND she is on a background of super soft purple fabric.

You’ll find a pretty peacock adorned crown on “Peacock Moon”. She had lot’s o’glimmer as well, along with elaborately stitched wingies. She stares at the waning moon above.

And finally, me, DROWNING in a pile of fabric that I ripped through like a madwoman in a wired caffeine fit. Quite embarassing, I know. Folding it all and putting it away was not as fun as ripping it apart.