yule crown and sparkley star lights

*~*Sprinkles holiday magic to you all*~* Wishing everyone happy holidays and brightest blessings for the new year to all my LJ friends!!! Love to share some photos..

I decided to model my winter crown, but I was distracted by my star lights.

Dizzyness, spinning, swaying star lights around my crown, playing with light is fun!

JUST LOOK at this BEEEEEAUTIFUL card that sent!!! Its so pretty! I put it on my yuletide inspiration table next to a bunch of fallen pine needles and a pinecone…

Went to a *spooky* (hee hee) Christmas party last night at Cheries. I love her tree and all its purple ornaments and silver tinsel. Its far from Charlie Brown. Here it is, taken by mistake, but I’m glad that it was captured nontheless!

My wicker star lights that were used in the above photos. I keep these lights up all year~*~*They are sooo pretty!

Hiding behind a star.

Time to blow out the candles and bid farewell. Got lots of holidays stuff to do and places to be!! Have a happy one. PS- Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice holiday herb tea is DIVINE!!!! mmmm…go buy a box NOW!!!!