Faerie Cottage and Yule Table

I have spent some time constructing a cottage for the little folk as a winter shelter. I placed the house on my yuletide inspiration table with seasonal hodgepodge~ candles, faerie lights, dried rosehips, and eveything I could find with a golden shimmer.
Merry meet! Lighting the golden star candles, illuminating the cottage…

I made a bouquet of dried wild rosehips and placed it next to my bronze glitter jar

I have a pretty crystal (from a yard sale!) that was sitting on the windowsill. It looked beautiful reflecting the candlelight next to my rosehip bouquet.

My pretty faerie statue wears my holly crown on her wings…

Approaching the faerie cottage from a side angle. Peek in the downstairs window…who do you see?

A ~*JOYFUL*~ faerie stands in the doorway of the cottage.

I placed three star candles at the foot of the house. They cast such an eerie glow on the whole scene.

Here’s a close up of the shelf in the kitchen. Soooo many sparkley goodies rest there, perhaps stolen by those winged things.

YES, there is an upstairs loft! A little twig bed with a silk bedspread, a dried rose pillow, an ivy leaf rug, and two little baby blue pointy shoes. The shoes are so cute, they have rosebuds handpainted on them! They were a vintage find.

Now onto the rest of the table- A bronze crescent moon dish with dried rosebuds and giant rosehips. Those little jars that you see are really magical- they are mirrored and bejeweled, from India.

This giant jar was a thrift shop find as well 🙂 It full of oil and real gold leafing. It looks pretty with the candlelight reflecting on it.

The whole yule table! I decorated branches from outside with golden glitter stars, and strung gold wicker star lights around the antique mirror as well.

Me, bidding you farewell, and welcoming the small spirits that may visit here. Gosh, it’s chilly out!~*~*~