November inspiration table and art… rose hips and blackbirds!

Last weekend I wandered in the woods looking for moss and such to adorn my November table. I have been feeling quite earthy recently, so my table and art reflects that part of myself. I just love barren tree branches against blue skies and fallen leaves crunching under my feet! And then there’s the moon…
Here it is, under golden candlelight:

“Three Earthy Maidens and an untitled one…two more teeny watercolor paintings of many, the one on the right is also acrylics.

Here it is- so much to show! I painted the goddess on the giant center wooden candlestick- a thrift shop find! My art from above is behind the candlestick, leaning on the mirror.

Here is one painting, under her are collected fallen leaves.

Here is a close up of my little blue glass victorian slipper, filled “to the ankle” with giant rose hips! I placed a bejeweled trinket case next to it, along with a jar of bronze glitter.

And to the right of the table is my “Three Earthy Maidens” painting. The glass stones in the vase will be a mosiac in the future.

Also on the right side is a bronze moon dish filled with dried rosebuds, a stage before they turn to the rose hips. I purchased these buds at a herb store in upstate NY last weekend. The store had other apothecary jars- all filled with herbs and spices. Heaven! The teapot is actually an oil burner- filled with frankincense essential oil.

In the center is a moss filled tin, with a little log. On the log is a sleeping fae, surrounded by crystals, amulets and charms. The forest now sleeps, until the spring. So I guess the fae in me is sleeping. I hope to get a better picture very soon.

In front of the mossy tin is a blue wooden box filled with pathcouli from the apothecary shop as well. Two trinket jars on each side.

I placed tree branches on each side of the alter. Aren’t the little blackbirds cute? I strung giant rosehips and draped them over my antique mirror. Smaller, wild rosehips (the kind that grow in the woods) make a lovely bouquet- with black ribbon to match the birds! My hands bled from the thorns when I gathered these.

Whew- this took awhile to do! I need to step away from my journal in the coming days to create time for ART!!!