I had a relaxing weekend. Sipped tea and created lots of little paintings in my cozy studio room. My husband snapped this picture when I wasnt looking. I am in deep concentration here, painting a series of birch tree scenes with blissful women under and around them:

I will post some of my teeny paintings soon! They are on watercolor postcards (you can see them in the photo off to the side) and I find it so rewarding to play with color and composition for larger pieces to come.
Besides the art I was much inspired by my woodsy walks. Clad in mittens and a toasty hat I collected moss, tree branches amd a little log from the forest floor for my November inspiration table, which I will post pictures of soon. Gathered wild and domestic rose hips and strung them into a garland for my mirror. I even placed to little blackbirds on the table’s tree branches. The theme of the table/alter and my recent art is earthy and grounded. I believe that have lost my wings!