Projects, Musings, Updates, Pomegranate Green Tea!

I am in need of some time to create in solitude, let my creativity run free, play, etc, without uploading all those pictures! I have a lot of wonderful things to complete, and I WILL post pictures in time! For now, here’s my studio updates…

1. Commissions- I am stitching up a wall hanging fit for a faerie princess ! This creation consists of castles and crowns, a princess, AND a friendly dragon! In cool blues and purples, oh my!

2. I am creating my own original textiles and surface design to be used in the wall hangings/art quilts. I am currently using two very different methods, and loving both:

Hand painting silk charmeuse ( a lovely fabric, by the way with steam set dyes and a resist. I have “resist” colors in silver, golden and black. The dyes must be set with steam for one hour plus in order to set them permanently. The dye then “become one” with the silk proteins (as opposed to the paint and other media, which just sits on top of the fabric). The end product is just so translucent and shimmery.

Layering, fusing, painting, stitching like a madwoman to create my own wonderfully textured fabrics! I used this type of fabric for a Waterhouse-inspired art quilt once and the texture and shimmer was wonderful… Now I am ready to try some original designs.

3. I am creating a HUGE (40 by 50- big for me!) wall hanging of my Autumn Alter, so to preserve it forever in luxoriuos SILK!!! Painting, dying, layering…

4. Creating some abstract textile designs, art quilts

4. I bought a plethora of fabulous rayon threads. I never used rayon before. Boy, does it shine and shimmer. It looks so pretty with the silk.

Well, back to sipping my pomegranate green tea (it’s just SO yummy!) playing with dyes, and listening to Mirabilis by the Mediaeval Baebes.
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Please dont mix ’em up, and you MUST hear the new MB music, its wonderful!