new art

“Dried White Roses” In this painted and quilted wall hanging I’m exploring the similarities between dried white roses and vintage lace. I recently received a variety of beautiful, delicate old lace. The colors were fabulous- shades of antique white and sepia, aged and stained to perfection. I have a bunch of dried white roses by my desk, and I realized that their coloring was the same as the lace. I sketched a goddess type lady, who will have a lacy dress and hold in her hands white roses. In this piece I’m going to combine fabric collage (with the old lace) with fabric painting. Here’s a picture of myself painting the border design for this wall hanging. I’m painting on unprimed canvas with acrylics and fabric paints, later to be stitched into the quilt. Recently I’ve been interested in painting and dying my own fabrics for my art. Its taking over my life! ps- notice the white rose with angel wings, lol!

To see the layout sketch of my new art, along with the completed background

My scanner is broken, but heres a picture of the layout sketch. Its roughly 20″ long by 12″ wide

Heres the complete bkground, waiting to be sewn. Painted on unprimed canvas with handpainted fabric here and there. Celtic border hand painted.