weekend meanderings

On Saturday morning we went to Jockey Hollow National Park to the Wick House garden. Each year the Herb Society of America hosts a sale with clipping of herbs and such from their colonial garden. It always excites me to see some lesser-know plants for sale…Broomcorn! Woad! New Jersey Tea! To take a little bundle of the herbs home makes me feel like I’m taking a special part of living history into my kitchen. I purchased a butternut squash (one of three remaining, the other sixty were nibbled on by a naughty groundhog!) a pumpkin, three bundles of sage, basil, coxcomb, and globe amaranth. Also purchased some cat nip for dear kitty and handmade petal inclusion paper (petals from the Wick garden, of course). It was a nice day and now our home smells of drying herbs, and there will be butternut squash soup simmering on the stove very soon!