Autumn Blooming Clematis

Today was such a marvelous, grey September day! Such a needed break from the insufferable heatwave we have been enduring. Eli and I took a little outing. First to do some treasure hunting (where I found this herb-collecting basket and some antique linens, I was so excited to use it I went foraging for acorn caps for crafts and also snippets of clematis). I also found the most beautiful wool blanket (vintage of course). I have been collecting old wool blankets as of late!

After our thrifting adventure (and really, it was just an adventure for me, Eli did not careless) we visited a farm we frequent and fed the sheep, ducks, and a beautiful bay gelding. I bought fresh picked peaches and apple cider donuts. A bit more shopping after that then back home to meander around the yard and admire our aforementioned clematis, which honestly has taken over (it is super invasive but oh-so-pretty).