Late August and sun drenched foliage. When the last firefly has flickered and the grass is turning to spun gold and the leaves are deep green (and maybe even a bit brown) but still seems to say wait! I know you are excited to see all my majesty, my jewel toned show! And yes, you will my dear, soon. For it is still summer! Please enjoy me now while I am still dressed in green So we relish in these last days of summer, warmth and green while awaiting the grand finale. To say it has been a rainy season here would be an understatement. The creeks are all bubbling and waters murky from overflow. Either the mosquitoes attack and the sun burns or one gets completely drenched in downpours of rain, but enjoying an over abundance of walks (as always) and time spent in both fields and woods while the weather is tolerable makes my heart sing.