clover and primrose

…growing by the sea. Oh, we are having such a summer. I don’t care if it never, ever ends. Taking trips to the ocean is one of my favorite things to do so far. And we found a new spot!

So peaceful and inspiring. I snuck away for some alone time while my husband and little one played in the sand. The board walk was small but it was a quiet bee and butterfly oasis with all sorts of wild things growing in the sun. Simple, small wonders and wild things make life big and rich and beautiful. I have been working on keeping my eyes wide open for these things and they are inspiring me to pieces. Thank you all for visiting here in quiet times, and happy summertime ramblings to all!

5 replies on “clover and primrose”

  1. thanks for reminding me with your beautiful pictures. of the wild and the small. has been so much working here. need to stop again now, need the sea, need some time alone…I think we are the same there..time to get close to ones deepest pure feelings, thoughts. here t is loads of children every day 🙂 loads of swiriling summer. thinking a walk alone with little one today.
    wishing you more of those moments this summer…the magic of life..


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