Museum Visit

Raindrops have been falling and filling our days with adventures of the most watery kind. And then, yesterday it happened. Yesterday was warm and humid and dare I say sunshine-filled. And today is even better. But, on the topic of rainy day adventures (sometimes the best kind!) we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then onto Central Park to show my son the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and the sailboat pond (and out of all of these he was most taken away by the ducks).

Exploring the museum with my son was inspiring (and a bit challenging as the hours passed) but I took lots of photographs for inspiration. Right now I am most inspired by beautiful hands from the 1800’s, subdued colors and a special medieval exhibit (of which they did not allow photographs). And today we are going to take a long woods walk at the park after lunch to celebrate the weather.

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  1. What a lovely visit! And I agree, those beautiful painted hands are lovely and so inspiring! Hands have always been so hard for me. When I was a kid, everyone I drew would put their hands behind their backs! How fun to take your son along! Its good to get them acquainted with the things you love to do at an early age. I always get comments about how good audrey is while going to antique stores…I think its because she’s done it since she was a tiny tot!~
    Happy painting!~

  2. Lovely pictures. and how wonderful you find youre inspiration with your little one. love his hair, neck on the picture so sweet. the picture of here hends are wonderful, and the blue in it..the kind of that is delicate, full of feelings indeed.
    about the scanner, we have ordered one that I don´t know what it was called but I´m sure it will be fine. haven´t arrived yet and we haven´t got the time, but I´m thinking I will learn this autumn, winter..
    hope your day is wonderful with you. now little one awake and we will eat lunch ***


  3. Hi Sarah! I´m really glad you like the portrait Heather made of me. I think Heather is so talented too! I had no idea there is an Alice in wonderland sculpture in New York. I just got to know that there is a Alice church window in England too. 🙂

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