Something I have been meaning to share for some time now…..

Beardtongue flowers (part of the foxglove family, growing wild in a meadow) and the full moon last night from my studio window.

Absolutely, positively soaking in and savoring these past weeks of summer. The last week in June I said goodbye to my job, my commute and all else that went along with my former busybody life. And I say former due to the fact that I have given up my beloved day job to stay at home with my little boy and paint. A great big change for our little family indeed! I am so, so excited and grateful for all that is and will be. These past few weeks we have been falling into our groove a bit, going to the park, swimming, going on long walks, visiting with friends and family and enjoying nature and town life. And s l o w i n g down (the best part of all). I can’t even begin to express how happy my heart is. Happy summer!

4 replies on “Something I have been meaning to share for some time now…..”

  1. congratulations! that’s a big step! I remember well the happiness at being able to say goodbye to the ol’ day job and stay home with my little one and really get down to painting. She was about 8 months old then. This fall, she starts school! How time flies! So enjoy!~!

  2. That’s great, Sarah! And it’s great for us blog readers and art admirers as we’ll get to see more of your beautiful paintings soon. No pressure, though. Continue to enjoy the summer!

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