ferns, ghosts

I am enchanted by ferns as-of-late. Their imagery keeps coming my way! And antique mirrors (this one has such a pretty fern-like carving adorning its top). Here’s one I came home with a few weeks ago. I finally got around to cleaning it up and it currently sits on my studio floor.

Walking through the woods last weekend, I noticed hundreds of patches of pretty ferns. Little One was quite smitten by the ferns too! He even tried to eat one. I think next time we’ll collect some to press as a memory for our forest walks during his babyhood.

The other day while perusing in an antique shop I found this photograph of a lady in the prettiest lace dress holding a bouquet of ferns.

I was so surprised when I lifted the photo out of the folder for a cleaning…another version was behind it, this time her lace dress fading away to reveal ectoplasm underneath (yes, I know it was a glitch in the developing process but oh to dream). If you read this blog you already know delicate, antique lace is one of my favorite things.

Started collecting mini greenhouses. I have two! However, I can’t find a fern small enough to live in the tiny greenhouse.These little conservatories have been enchanting me ever since I found the larger one in a church thrift shop. They live on top of my curio cabinet in a sunny corner of my room.

And the newest photos for my collection. I think I’m going to paint her this summer when I get back in my studio.

And here she is, as a ghost:

A happy, long weekend to all those in the United States, summer has begun!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful mirror! and I love the lacy look of ferns too. I think your tiny terrarium would be perfect to keep little forest treasures like feathers or acorns in 🙂 or a little bird’s nest! Love that fat baby hand! dont you just love soft little baby skin?

  2. i love the ghost woman with her beautiful , well cared for fern 🙂
    and the idea of a little nature journal of walks with your little one really made me smile. Too late to do this with my all grown children but perhaps something to keep in mind for the next generation of little nature lovers

  3. Hey there, Sarah,

    I’m a bit behind with my blog visiting so I thought I’d pop by for a visit tonight. I’m so glad that I did. Your blog is always so pretty – Your photos often remind me of the Anthropologie catalogues that I receive in the mail (that’s a compliment as I do enjoy them). Once again you’ve found treasures in your neck of the woods! I want to know your secret spots because you always come home with the best finds. That mirror is beautiful. And so is your dress – pretty! And look at your baby’s chubby little hand holding the fern – so cute! Those vintage photographs are always so interesting, aren’t they? They inspire stories.

    Finally, What about growing moss in a tiny terracotta pot or a teacup and placing that inside the small greenhouse? That would go with the woodsy theme. Just a thought. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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