Found an old giant framed print whilst treasure hunting.

I think it’s such a lovely portrait of a little one. The girl’s face seems mysterious. Her hair is in disarray… a messy birds nest with too-short bangs I just love that she is wearing a black blouse with white collar and pinafore.

Today was sunny and some of our snow melted. I even saw my first robin. And a bluejay.

I just looked out the window and there is a full moon. March begins tomorrow. I just love new beginnings.

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  1. Another great find. You are in the know of where to go! And yes, I saw my first robins this past week, too. I wondered to my husband whether it was too early for them as there was so much snow on the ground…but it makes me hopeful that spring is on the way. Robins, mourning doves and blue jays are always the first birds to nest in our trees.

  2. she is so beautiful, a lucky find indeed::)
    Now, i wish that our snow had stuck around this long, but like you i am also ready for the newness of spring.
    I hope it brings you many more creative hours and lots of little joys – that you will share with us in your dreamy images!


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