Monthly Archives: March 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

Inspired by a recent and very beautiful post by Encore Petite I would like to share some things that make me happy. First, I must honor the real essence of life that makes me happy- my husband, my kitty (and the presence of all animals for that matter), creating art, tea and time spent with friends, sunbeams and being outside, music…these make me the happiest. But these are not things. So here are the things that make me happy. Just little bits kept in my studio that I can hold in my hand and be inspired by~

♥Fabric and pretty blouses that pick up the sheer beauty of sunbeams through a rain-soaked, foggy (and now open) windows that has not seen the sun in days.

♥ A teeny-tiny bit of my old frame collection (my favorite is the wooden black forest frame):

♥ Blue Jay feathers from my collection (although Blue Jays are not the kindest of birds their blue-striped feathers are so beautiful)

♥ Vintage brooches from my collection:

♥ And this one is my favorite (although it might tie with the little faux-scrimshaw ship)

♥ Oh, and ruffles!
♥ Old books with birds printed on the covers

♥ This one is my favorite!

♥ And, finally, the table (a shrine-of-sorts) where I set up found, vintage, and nature things that inspire.

♥Especially the bits of wasp comb that I found this winter during a snowy storm.

♥ And outside the studio, abandoned cottages on rainy days in the back woods (this one I am particularly fascinated with.)

♥Which leaves me with a favorite promise of spring…snowdrops covered in raindrops peaking out from decayed leaves.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite things?



Found an old giant framed print whilst treasure hunting.

I think it’s such a lovely portrait of a little one. The girl’s face seems mysterious. Her hair is in disarray… a messy birds nest with too-short bangs I just love that she is wearing a black blouse with white collar and pinafore.

Today was sunny and some of our snow melted. I even saw my first robin. And a bluejay.

I just looked out the window and there is a full moon. March begins tomorrow. I just love new beginnings.