lately, wanderings and paintings

Been working on a lots of new paintings.

White-washed layers have been consuming my painting time.

Sketchbook pages, ideas, plannings. For the new year and now. I keep playing around with variations of a sketch of this one woman….


I found the loveliest roll of 1940’s wallpaper along a driveway, discarded.

Last Saturday I went for a snowy walk oh so early in the morning. So cold but I got to see the sun rise over the silvery trees!

Another brooch from tinyhappy. So lovely…not only because of the teeny-tiny artistry that goes into each one, but because they are made with real wool felt and hand dyes threads. These little touches really make them so uttely amazing!

I am so excited for this new year! I have some exciting art news for you that I can’t wait to spill!
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  1. Your artwork is beautiful, dear. I love how you take inspiration from nature photographs. It really shows part of your thought process with the color palette!


  2. This painting is sooo beautiful, Sarah. There is something about this woman’s eyes that draws the viewer in. And that wallpaper in the third images! Gorgeous! I like how you layer meaning in all your paintings.

    So what’s the exciting news??! 🙂

  3. Hi Sarah, I’ve really missed reading your posts – but I’m happy that it’s because you’ve been so busy creating more lovely paintings! Can’t wait to see all the finished lovelies. Hope you have the happiest of holiday seasons and are enjoying the winter weather! Sincerely, Theresa

    1. Thanks Theresa,
      I’ve learned to only post when it feels right, when I’m inspired. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment here, and the happiest of New Years to you:)

  4. your paintings are amazing. and i am terribly curious about your plans or this year! i wish you all the best.
    thank you for your kind words about those little brooches i make. i’m honoured that you like them.

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