graphite drawing, version one

Finally finished, taken from this in my hardcover sketch book and reworked from this sketch, in my watercolor journal.

Little details:

A final drawing, graphite on 11″ by 14″ paper. I changed her so much from the previous sketches, I think. I created a second version as well, which I will post this weekend. I am very happy with her, most happy with her face. It’s been fun documenting my working process here!

And thanks to all your comments of my previous posts about our trip to New Hope. I will answer them all individually very soon! So happy tomorrow’s Friday. Whew!

7 replies on “graphite drawing, version one”

  1. I like this new piece very much. It’s perfect for Fall. Are you going to paint it with colours? I can just imagine the white, blacks of the birch trees and the soft browns of the moths. Have you seen the antique moth illustrations on Ulla’s September 24 post? I think you’ll like them.

  2. My favourite part is the background ! I utterly love birch trees.
    I love drawing them and worked on a serie of birch trees forests, on stained-glass !

    They are so graphical, yet poetic trees …
    One day, I’d love to travel to Sweden to see a place my best friend told me about (he’s half swedish) : an Island *covered* in miniature/dwarf birch trees !!!
    Oh ! And I think there are rabbits, on the island, too. Or was this part a dream ?

    x x x

  3. Really love your command of light and shade, the fine details of the birch tree takes patience and you executed the entire drawing so expertly. If you don’t mind sharing – where do you get your prints made? Cant seem to find a good source.

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