tiger lily, finished

I have been painting the day away! Tiger lily is now finished. She has adorned her hair with the most magical flower (I would love to be a bee or humming bird!) A print will be in the shop, along with the original (me thinks!)


Telling a tale (though paints) of two girls at the edge of the woods. Way up in the trees there are ghost birdies. The gals still need a bit more work but I am so excited about this one!
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  1. Sarah, she is beautiful. what a serene little face! And I am already intrigued with the painting you’re still working on….
    hope you’re having a beautiful summer!~

  2. I love seeing your process. The shot of the underpainting makes me want to hunt down my box of acrylics (still in the to-be-unpacked limbo of boxes in my apartment). I am loving the speed and matte loveliness of gouache but I do miss the layering of acrylic.

    1. Thanks so much! The face is actually oils. When I work in acrylics I rarely do an underpainting. But in oils I sometimes do the underpainting in acrylics.I like to work solely in acrylics though too.
      Its hard to pick one!

  3. so perfectly pretty and serene, i love the liquid longing in her eyes.
    your images and artworks are always a treat to behold. im captivated also by the pool in the neighboring post. you seem to turn the most ordinary things into pure enchantment..:)

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