grey days and a few sunny spots


It’s been dreary and rainy here for what feels like weeks, and today is was finally sunny! But the rain makes me feel day-dreamy, and now I can stay locked up in my studio room all day with my paints. So I’m not complaining!

And I am back to blogging. In May my journal turned 4 years old, so happy birthday blog! Although things have changed a bit I enjoy reviewing the unfolding of projects and ideas.

So what have I been up to? Filling up my sketch book with ideas for the summer, taking rainy day umbrella-in-hand walks, and treasure hunting! I have sooo much to catch up with here, so many photos to post and art to show. But for now I’ll keep with the gray theme. Recent photos:

treasures next to the desk

ghost flowers

sketchbooking on a very gray day

a rediscovered scan of mine, lucky horse shoe, antique lace and rose charm

and catching a sun spot in the woods before all of this rain happened

I am going to try to catch up with all of you too, have wonderful nights!

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  1. ah, now i envy you your darker days – it is frighteningly hot and humid here, my idea of hell! these images evoke something of what i wish i could experience right now. the interior shot is so serene, soothing.

    it is good to see you back.
    oh and i have a 160 year old horseshoe tacked to the garden door here. a very strange relic from the past. it always makes me wonder about the history of the place.


    1. Thanks Lou!
      It became a hot and humid and here in the past few days, and no more rain! So now we are in the same boat weatherwise.
      The horses shoe sounds so interesting and strange! You should take a picture and post. I’m intrigued in how you can tell its age.
      Take care!

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