wake up, it’s spring!

Lots of new, busy things have been happening here (hence the temporary lack of postings). I am currently very occupied with my jobs and am looking forward to a blissful summer and being able to paint full time. A few more months, but for now, trying to squeeze in every bit of creativity, daydreaming and wandering that I can.

Soaking up flower goodness on a rocky, mossy ledge outside of my parents new home. Can you soak up the flowery goodness through osmosis? Actually you can eat pansies, they are quite yum!

My parents have sold our home in favor of a little cottage in the woods of PA, just across the river from our old home. So I can still visit the river and go for walks and wanderings in the area…thats good news!

But the bad news is that I am going to miss our beautiful old home very dearly.

This is the sweet colorful cranny in my teeny-tiny bedroom (which nookish disposition never fit the scale of the very large, victorian farmhouse.) It’s oddity was the reason why I loved it so (and it was just the sunniest room in the house!)

Now that I see our house, almost empty, I can understand that it’s size and age are really too much for my parents to deal with. The acres of property required mowing, gardens to be tended to, and too many bedrooms for two people. I am happy that they can relax now!

And there are little gardens around their new cottage…

a peek…

I have been sketching in my very large bound book, storing up ideas, taking notes and writing about concepts to use very soon.

Color and patterns rest on a tray in my studio and are being put to good use!

I can’t wait for spring proper so I can soak up some sunshine, lay in the grass and go barefoot. I am so sick of socks and sweaters.

Happy Spring all!!

2 replies on “wake up, it’s spring!”

  1. Sarah !

    I love pansies, MOSS, and I love *your nose* !
    And this portrait in the cameo must be my favourite portrait of yours. I love it !

    I understand your sorrow for the magical house … But at least, you have your magical photographs …
    And the cottage seems marvelous !

    Also. I answered your comment on my blog but I don’t know if you’ll read it so : I had an amazing time in England
    And I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love one picture I took in London. I took it thinking of you : http://www.flickr.com/photos/encorepetite/3400286548/

    Happy Spring, Sarah !

    x x x

  2. hurray! Its spring! Isnt it just the most hopeful and lovely season? So sad to see the farm house go…wish I could have bought it! It would be a bit of a drive to work for my husband though ;)…hundreds of miles and all.

    Cant wait to see what this new season brings in your art!~

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