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My Aunt Diana has the most beautiful antique farmhouse with the prettiest things. The are a household of artists and sailors and I think they combine the two very nicely! The other weekend she hosted the most amazing baby shower for my cousin Deirdre. The event was so beautiful I just had to share…

Nests and delicate little blue and white eggs were the theme. These found treasures were lined up on the white mantle (along with found sea shells, a ship painting overhead, crystal from the chandelier and a little pink bird perched above).

The kitchen has a giant blackboard and we doodled and wrote Deirdre messages.

A side table in the dining room was adorned for spring and baby! This just makes me long for spring!

For favors my Aunt Diana stitched up heart sachets stuffed with lavender and sewn with vintage buttons.

We ate yum carrot cake cupcakes. They were so pretty! And I am just noticing all those pretty antique books behind the cupcakes (I was a bit distracted at the time) on a folksy shelf my uncle crafted.

Just like a natural history museum. I snuck off during the present-opening to oogle over my aunts fantastic nest and egg collection, the best and biggest I’ve ever seen.

And another sweet corner from the house (that has me longing for the colors of spring)

And back on the home front…
Been busy sketching, preparing. Sunday painting clothes include old jeans, cardi’s and vintage aprons.

Wall behind desk (I am a bit obsessive about making tints from my favorite paints and swatching them out on paper for future reference). The painting with the girl and the gypsy cart was recently removed from my sketchbook (ouch!) and will be made into a print very soon. I wish I knew where the picture of the bobbed girl is from, she is a favorite.

Have a blissful, beautiful rest-of-the-week, all!

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  1. Sarah !

    Thank you for all these pretty images …
    I had quite a rough day (week … month …) and it cheered me up.

    My mum too, collects fallen nests & pinecones 🙂
    I have been dreaming of a giant blackboard lately and seeing this one doesn’t help me dropping the idea !!!

    Such a wonderful time you seem to have had !
    This post (and your whole blog, really) is gorgeous and magical. And I’m not the one to congratulates when I don’t mean it sincerely.

    Thank you,
    x x x

  2. Your aunt has such a beautiful house! And yes, spring was definitely the theme! Beautiful. Spring babies are so fun….mine just turned two on the 10th!

    I’ve never thought of collecting nests….my mom always told me not to touch them because they had bugs. I guess you could spring them with something to keep them nice? They look so pretty in that cabinet!

    Cant wait to see your new creations, that gypsy girl is precious!~

    1. yes indeed!
      Happy belated bday to your little one Heather!
      The gypsy girl is actually a little old (a year maybe?)
      She continues to inspire though.
      I’m wanting more color recently!
      thanks Heather!!!

  3. What a beautiful house, and a beautiful quotation, as well! : )

    Your cozy painting garb looks much like my own…..I always feel decidedly un-Victorian in jeans, but they are one of my favorite cozy-painting-time things to wear!! : )

    Happy creating!!

  4. What a happy event. We need occasions like this, where everyone can relax and smile and chat and laugh with one another.

    I can see similarities between your aunt’s interests – collecting eggs and nests, for instance – and what draws your attention.

    And I’m so impressed that you paint your own colour swatches for future reference. Man, I used to DREAD painting the colour wheel! 🙂

    1. Indeed!!! Why is everyhting so fast paced?? maybe it’s living in the NY metro area, I don’t know!!
      Oh dear, the color wheel!! You should be in my class, lol!!!
      Happy Spring Susanna!!!

  5. Lovely… nothing like artists and sailors living together… Your Aunts collections are dreamy! Loving your ‘behind the desk’ peek and image on post below. Its always magical to see process photos like these, that share a little about your steps.
    Happy Weekend!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I went to your blog, as I do often, and was absolutely thrilled to see my own house ! And looking so good ! Made me really appreciate it once again…you know how old houses are. Thank-you for the lovely photos and words.

      1. Hi Sarah,

        I am wondering, and have been for quite some time, now, but have been hesitant to ask…Uncle John and I have tickets to jet to Jacksonville for the weekend of May 16th to see that new little baby once it’s hatched…Would you and Dan be interested in spending a lovely quiet weekend house and Mr.Beebe sitting? It is beautiful in May. There wouldn’t be any cow or barn associated work to do… I will call you soon to discuss, think about it in the meantime…Aunt Diana

  7. I love your artistic view and how your interests are represented on your blog. The bobbed girl photo looks like an Anthropologie Ad. The birds nests are a unique collection, and are displayed attractively.

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