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Sisters cameo locket with two mini prints on chain

Sisters cameo locket with two mini prints on chain, open

Seafaring Heart pendant necklace on vintage lace

I couldn’t resist going outside in the falling snow a few days ago to take these photos. I think it was a mere thirteen degrees?! I came in freezing cold and I have had a bad chill ever since. But it was worth it.

7 replies on “Two”

  1. ooh, that’s luscious! are you going to be selling the print of the other book-reading sea-sister too? wishing you a bright 2009, all the best, nà

    p.s. – ‘love those shoes! 🙂

  2. Your photos are astonishing … As always !

    When I was a teenager, I used to sell the jewelry I made at my hometown market, during the holidays. And I always displayed it on moss … People always spent more time to admire the display than the actual jewelry ! Haha !

    But YOUR lockets are dazzling !
    And I always like to add a little piece of fabric or vintage lace to my jewels, too …

    … Lots in common ! *winkwink*

    All the best,
    x x x

  3. These are gorgeous! Your paintings are perfect for these vintage finds! Love the sisters in their little hats…I bought my audrey a hat like that for Christmas 😉
    You are already having a very productive 2009!~

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