warmest wishes!

The warmest holiday greetings to all! (and I do mean warm, it’s icy and chilly here!) Staying up tonight and painting! It’s nice to have some time off.

Winter walk from yesterday, mittens by a very old tree with little animal tracks in the snow, reflections in an icy woodland pool and lighting the candles on the third night…

And finally, a full photo of the vintage Queen Anne’s embroidery from last post (I thought it deserved to be viewed in full!)
It’s so pretty and textured and I can’t wait to hang it up in my studio (for now it just lays on my painting drop cloth).

Have a magical holiday season everyone!~*~*~

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    1. And I hope yours were magical too! I am familiar with the customs of norway, my good friend opens here present on the eve of Christmas (and has real candles on the tree!) I’m guessing this is a Norwegian custom too?
      Have a great New Year!!!!

  1. -:- Happy Holidays to you, too -:-

    I adore your Queen Ann’s Lace embroidery … It reminds me of something I made. I love the english name, tho … They don’t even have a “common” name for it in french … It’s just “ombelles”. Not that pretty ! I’ve been drawing and embroiding these for some years, now.

    All the Best from France,
    x x x

    1. The embroidery is not created by me…it was found in a thrift shop! But it is lovely likewise. Queen Anne’s lace is a pretty name, agreed! The other name for it here in America is Wild Carrot, not so pretty. And I think “Ombelles” is a beautiful word too!
      Happy New Year!

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