almost quiet

It is the time of year before everything sleeps. It’s so cold here, already! In the morning frost blankets the ground and I actually wore my winter coat a few times. I’ve been in a bit of a hibernating mode this week. Rose hips in the sun from last weekend.

I’ve been tagged by marmeecraft to list six random things about myself! This is sure to break my silence this week. I tried to pick little tidbits that you wouldn’t know by reading my journal here, but are very me. Here it goes…

? I love horses. This obsession did not occur when I was young (think of the girls who collected Breyer horses) but in my early 20’s. My dream is to have a few eventually. On the path where I walk is very nice historic victorian barn full of them. I often sneak off the trail to peek through the rose bushes to get a peek! This photo is from last weekend, peeking at this incredibly majestic white horse through the bramble:

? One of my dream homes (I have a few!) is a simple, classic saltbox. I think this house style comes in #1 for me! I like flat fronted houses with simple lines. I love the roof slope on the saltbox, as odd as it may seem. They originated in New England in the 17th century so I think their history gets me as well. Here’s the home of Rebecca Nurse, near Salem. I love Salem and have visited many, many times! The front view is the winter and the back view is the summer. Look at that garden!

? I like licorice! Only the natural kind. Running Rabbit is one of my favorites. I usually opt for the cherry but the black kind is good once in awhile.

? I live a few miles away from one of the headquarters of George Washington! This makes the area where I live rich in history in so many ways, which I love. I love exploring historic places. He and his men camped in the woods where I explore.

? I live behind a Whole Foods. My husband was looking for a place for us to live based on the location of this store. Yes, I am there everyday. It’s a little crazy. Sometimes I go twice. I try to eat mostly organic.

? My parents house has these fabulous stained glass windows! Here they are around one of the windows. They frame about 26 of the windows in the front of the house, it’s such a magical place!

My favorite thing to do was (and still is) peek though all the colors to the outside trees! Let’s peek, shall we?

So thats that. what have I been up to? I am working on another painting, some sketches, gosh I need to get going on my art! Halloween is already next Friday too. I’ve Look forward to more posting this week, as I have a few things to share. Been thrifting like crazy, I bought bags of some of the nicest stuff this past week, all vintage. A pretty white (and very warm and fuzzy) capelet, a patent leather purse, little black oxfords with tassels and lace ties, a high waisted woolen skirt, dainty yellow gloves, hair bows from the 40’s, an elegant beaded 50’s cardigan, a gingham apron with little flowers embroidered about…I wish I had time to photo it all. I find all my dream clothes while thrift shopping, it’s really quite amazing. And, I have the best thrift shops between my house and my afternoon commute. I am obsessed! Have a good week!

xoxo sarah

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  1. For some reason the big comment I left never showed up. Oh well! Ah, these are such beautiful pictures! You live in such a beautiful place, so rich in history. Absolutely adore that red house, its beautiful! So sweet, very tasha tudor 😉

    1. Actually the red house is in Massachusetts, near Salem (perfect for this time of year I guess)
      but we do have similar old homes here.
      I want to go out and take pics of them to post here (they are very inspiring!)
      Thanks Heather!

  2. What a nice list. Yes, I like the simplicity of those salt houses, too. I especially love that they are RED. And you know, my sister’s house has those exact same stained glass windows! She sure does! When they renovated their house, they discovered several of them and also three fireplaces and even a walled up room. Her boyfriend’s mother, a devout Catholic, had her priest spritz holy water into that walled up room. Very mysterious and just a wee bit creepy. 🙂

  3. oooh, so nice to have discovered your blog, i happened upon you via ebay, and can’t wait to hang the luscious print on my wall! thanks lots! i’ll be back to visit, such a cosy place!

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