and here’s another…

It looked so dainty in the moss. It’s a frame I painted up with a ship and anchor and dots, oh yes! And it has two sweet mini prints inside (protected with UV varnish) and signed and dated on the back (which is also adorned with calico paper) and hangs with velvet ribbon.

Available here.

And as you can see in the background there are crunchy brown leaves scattered about in the moss. I wish I had more time to adore pretty little earthy things this week. It was the busiest. Thanks for visiting here!

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  1. Sarah, your work is as glorious as ever! A question I’m just dying to ask: have you consider, I don’t quite know how but, to release your drawings/paintings in some sort of a book? I think it would be a best-seller!

  2. These two paintings are some of my favorites of your work! They always remind me of the historical novels for young adults by Ann Rinaldi which I read when I was younger. There’s something a bit nautical Colonial New England-y about them 😉

    I hope you’re having a lovely Fall day!

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