still dreaming of sea things

Even though we are in the last days of Summer, I find myself still sea-obsessed. And this cute little find didn’t help to relieve my obsession one bit. It’s a sailboat mug that houses a few of my brushes and palette knives perfectly.

When I brought it home I discovered a kitchy little mermaid on the handle. She’s a bit cheesy I think.

It has been a very busy week, and now the weekend calls for rain (which is good because I’ll be snug indoors painting and sewing!) I have some things I have been waiting all week to work on, including some sewing projects for myself. I was able to make some cute little things for the shop which will be updated sometime tomorrow, so check back! Mostly mini-prints, ready to hang, sent to the lucky buyer all wrapped up in vintage velveteen and lace. The one below will have some hand-painted details added to the wood.

I have been thinking about putting more little-ish things in my store, mainly ready to hang printettes mounted on wood with hand-painted details.

And finally, I just had to add this little scrimshaw-inspired detail to my sketchbook closure before it was sent out into the world (and over the sea!) There’s another teeny-tiny ship on the other side and two anchors as well.

Friday bliss to everyone!

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  1. Your mermaid is wonderful! Where oh where did you find her? I found a vintage scrimshaw brooche in an antique shop this past summer – it was a perfect present for my sister, one which I may be borrowing in the future.

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