feathers, herbs, and sunflowers

…and all the nice things from this weekend! First let me say I have been working on customizing a beautiful Italian journal that will be in my shop tomorrow, around 8:00 pm eastern time. I will give a little hint…“One Misty Morning” is the theme of this lovely journal/ sketchbook.

This weekend I took a picture of my collection of various feathers collected over the summer months.

The blackbird wins as submitting the most feathers to my collection (probably due to an unfortunate incident but I won’t get into that now!) And the biggest feather, from a hawk found during a forest forage…

This weekend we visited an organic farm in the Hudson Valley. They had the yummiest veg food and it was so pretty! After eating brunch I stocked up all my favorite delicious greens, such as kale, mesclun, and a new one for me (which is actually a yummy weed!) perslane.… I am set for the week!

The quaint barn was a hodgepodge of old windows with a tin roof…

The inside was an absolute earthy dream! Look at the drying Yarrow, the Black Eyed Susan’s and the stainless pails filled to the brim with sunflowers…

A bountiful selection of amazing herbs.

Sunflowers were everywhere in colorful recycled cans.

I find this sort of place so incredibly inspiring. I am searching for more of it’s kind.

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  1. Excellent! Thank you. Think this deserves a trip, its not so far from me in NJ.
    Also, I believe you attended the same University as I. Currently I am in the MAT in Art Program at MSU. Dr. Heard, Suzi Colin…just some of my favorite Professors. Cheers, Anna

    1. Yes, I was in the MAT program at Montclair as well, graduated 05. I miss it so much, although it is good to be working in the field doing what I love. Good luck to you. Montclair has an amazing art ed program so you will be well prepared.

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