honeybee forest sea

A peek at a painting in progress, Honeybee Sisters

Yesterday I decided to put this painting aside and paint the pair into more of a setting with bee imagery (recently I have had a craving to paint more detailed settings as opposed to portraits). I’ve been researching bees and hives and they hold a vast amount of symbolism and meaning which is interesting. Interpret it as you will honeybees are pretty too and I love to see them buzzing around the flowers. Wasps and hornets are interesting as well but I was stung a few weeks ago and I’m still bitter!

While I was roaming around the other day I noticed that they fungi in the moss carries similarities to certain sea treasures, white coral and sea urchin:

How I would love to dangle these forest sea treasures from my ears.

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  1. Oh my goodness. This painting is beyond beautiful already. Your girls are so haunting! You are a master at the 20s hair wave. I recently cut my hair into a bob and I’m trying to figure it out 😉
    These sisters are AMAZING. I need to start collecting these ladies!

    1. Thanks so much Heather! Bobs are so pretty, I just love them. I am sure you will figure it out! Why not look for some vintage barrettes of ebay? They make a bob look so neat!

  2. Im so allergic to bees that Id be a little more than bitter if I got stung. Its terrible! Sometimes Im afraid to go outside, and it makes me very reluctant to go a-frolicking.

    1. Gosh, that would be scary! Even carrying an epi pen I still would be frightened. I was lucky I didn’t discover I was allergic after the sting…I had to walk 3 miles back to my car in terrible pain:(

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