the mermaid parade

Spent an amazing and completely colorful day at Brooklyn’s Coney Island. The atmosphere on the sand and boardwalk was indescribable….so many strange and whimsical sights. The Mermaid Parade honors the first day of summer and celebrates the sand, sun, and of course, historic Coney Island in all its kitchy wonderfulness!

I was a sailor! In front of a fancifully painted bus float…

Coney Island is the story of a tiny spit of land at the foot of Brooklyn that at the turn of the century became the most extravagant playground in the country. In scale, in variety, in sheer inventiveness, Coney Island was unlike anything anyone had ever seen, and sooner or later everyone came to see it. “Coney,” one man said in 1904, “is the most bewilderingly up-to-date place of amusement in the world.” Coney Island is a lively and absorbing portrait of the extraordinary amusement empire that astonished, delighted and shocked the nation — and took Americans from the Victorian age into the modern world.

Happy summer everyone!

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  1. oh!!! it looks like you had so much fun… and your outfit is too cute! 🙂 looking at these pictures is making me want to go to the beach sooo badly… lol.

  2. Wow! This looks like so much fun. I heard about it on the news yesterday. Very cool, and it looks like YOU had a lot of fun. What an adorable outfit!!! 🙂

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