entangled floating flying things

I am so happy to have two of my paintings in the little ‘zine pictured above. I was feeling a bit under the weather last week and when it arrived in the mail it cheered me right up! There are some sweet artists in the mag and I love Julianna’s work on the cover (and juxtaposed with the twine binding it looks so nice!)

It’s absolutely sweltering here! The days when I can do some summer hybernating in my little air conditioned painting room are near… this thrills me to pieces! So I am trying to make the best of the heat by embracing summer early. The day started by eating a pint of the yummiest chilled blackberries. The humid, haze-filled mountain views during my morning commute made me daydream of early morning hikes and runs through the park. Many summer plans, a list is forthcoming!

My large blue hardcover watercolor book has been inspiring lately. It’s main use is for traveling around, sketching and playing with painting ideas but I came up with this finished painting, and a print will be up for sale very soon! The original is on a 13″ x 9″ page in my book and is watercolor and gouache with a piece of old lace.

After covering the paper with watercolor leaves and sticks I remembered these photos, taken early spring in the meadow. Red-windged black birds.

I was thinking about a flock of birds emerging from spaces within, from something woven or tangled or lace-like. I am going to develop this concept further. I think.

In addition to scribbles, snippets have been collecting in my book. On a treasure hunt last week I found a box of pretty paper cuts. Here’s another page….

I am longing for the early morning when I can get up and take my sketchbook in the field to work. There are so many things to draw!

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  1. I love Magpie Magazine. I received the latest issue last week and was delightfully surprised to see two of your lovely paintings gracing the pages of the magazine. This issue features a lot of musicians I really enjoy…do check out Marissa Nadler – I think you will like her very much. 🙂

  2. oh! what a lovely post… the first photo is so pretty. 🙂 hope you’re able to keep cool–it’s been warm and humid here too!

    your newest art pieces are gorgeous, btw!

  3. Thankyou Sarah for posting about Magpie Magazine! The photos you took of it are beautiful, so reflective. I love your recent watercolour pieces, especially how you combine the lace, your blog is just so inspiring!

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