Monthly Archives: May 2008


summertime is upon us!
had a fun time in my parents giant backyard around the fire. This is my favorite place.

toasting yummy marshmallows

there are bears in this backyard! and dandelions!

empty wheel barrell hauling wood for the fire. 1850’s house in the background. I loved living here.

porch and mom’s pretty garden and kitty

putting it on the map…a beautiful part of the northeast

new treasures

and this, another layer

sailing away on a sweet sea of petals

Sunday was such spring bliss! I think I brought 100 petals inside. I was covered in them!
Really, pink is my least favorite color, but the softness and sunspots on the petals were perfect. So I have a tiny, tiny spot in my heart for pink.

follow me…

Had such an amazing time at the festival! We did everything that fairies do…meandered in the woods in a magical maze, ate yummy fairy food, frolicked in the fields, sat in the warm sunshine, watched bubbles…was such a blissful day!

Roadtrip! After a very long ride I was so happy to finally be outside!

Bubbles and gathering up some magic…

The path to the festival

I came home feeling creative and inspired by all the energy and wanting to bake some sort of flower petal filled cake!

rainy day walk

Hooray for rainy days and long walks through woods, meadow and swamps sipping warm green tea! I was able to hide under my umbrella and meander around.


Spent awhile searching for one of these little guys, knew I would find a dear jack-in-the-pulpit…

Large, large leaf! Skunkweed grows wild and free in the swampy areas of the woods.

Filling my pockets with magical little heart rocks and shards.

Sweet meadow pond swans

fairy grotto!

Another rainy day bits of me

oh yeah!