Monthly Archives: April 2008

tiny dew droplets on very small violets…

…are fairy tears indeed. And fairies do cry, often.

found on the very wet woodsy floor…

Yesterday I found my vintage peachy dress for next weekend’s sweet gathering at the maypole! Layed it down in the lush bed of moss that grows outside my door. Last year (and every year for that matter) I had such a fun time!

May Day is upon us! I would like to thank the enchanted Ulla for getting me all inspired by all her sweet fairy tale posts as of late! Ulla, your blog never fails to inspired and enrich me!

And, other things that inspired the past few days:

The way the sunlight pours though my windows, my every growing ivy plant and the fact that my thumb may actually be green and a small sketch of favorite things:

? paints and messy palettes
? soft candle light
? horses in meadows
? house plants

And I spent some time pushing paints around on this oval panel. Browns and blues, the very beginings of a densely paint-layered piece


Whoa it’s been awhile!

I can’t believe how time flew by! A little break turns into a month of nonposting. For me this spring is a time of new directions, capturing ideas….

What a beautiful Earth Day! Today I walked for miles to sit by the pond and gaze into the water and just be. The water’s surface was like a giantic looking glass for the sky, the tree branches and red-winged blackbirds. Their song is my favorite. Look below and you might see one on the tree’s branches.

Things will unfold…

Sitting on the roots of a willow tree I picked dandelions and little yellow flowers and played with configurations on my hands like henna designs that came alive. As the tiny buds floated across the water I thought of things that hold me back, keep me from being creative, keep me from painting. From there I ran the whole way home. And I painted the afternoon in my sketchbook with watercolors and in oils on a wooden panel. It’s a start.

These have been sitting in my studio for some time, new directions I set up in an inspiring little shrine-like fashion. . I am so excited about all of these.

Painting the grisaille layer in burnt umber and titanium white this afternoon.

Everyday small pleasures

? moroccan mint green tea, iced
? the sound of silver bangle bracelets (like little bells)
? blues, greens and grays
? rubbing magnolia petals between my fingers til they tear apart (they are so soft!)
? the beach and searching for shells and shiney things in the sand
? being 29!

And yesterday was my birthday so we spent a beautiful day together roadtripping. The beach being one of our first stops, then searching for thrift clothes (hooray I found a pretty dress and some shirts!) meandering around the campus at Princeton and then to a sushi dinner. Yesterday, a perfect gray beach day:

The first full day of being 29 was beautiful!

little purple flowers and pen nibs

…and ships on cigar boxes and the sea. Everything is so incredibly lush! Little purple flowers were the perfect backdrop to my old cigar box stashed with pen nibs from decades ago. I have been writing and sketching lots in my journal. The feel of the nib running over the smooth surface of the watercolor paper is sooo addicting! Just a few more days til I have some time off, my birthday and a much needed visit to the seashore and more walks in the woods…perfect timing as spring is in full bloom.