The past few nights have been spent painting…dreaming of vibrant gardens with made-up plants, lush mossy greens, garden dresses and imaginary fox. Here is just a small peek at part of the painting, which I hope to finish in a few more stretched-out sittings…maybe this weekend? The girls face need to be adjusted a bit…her eyes maybe. I spend so much time on my faces and sometimes I can’t see what I want to repaint until the scan. It’s usually somewhere in the eyes. For the support I used 30’s floral walpaper with magenta and blue blossoms glued to a panel. The wallpaper has a story all its own but I won’t get into that right now! And my previous post, yes, the objects were found behind my house but the picture of the moss was taken in a beautiful state park in upstate New York. We went hiking there this past weekend. I have another picture which showcases the flourishing wall of moss on a side hill. Love, love, love moss.

AND…there will be another giveaway very, very soon! One that is quite different than the others…

I am obsessing over vintage dresses. Ones with rich patterns and full skirts that can be layered. I just spent a long time over the sink washing out my newest finds. There’s something about hand washing that I enjoy. Tell me, which vintage shop is your favorite on etsy…or ebay…or anywhere for that matter?!

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  1. She’s so pretty! I can’t wait to see her completed!

    The tree trunk and all of it’s greenery soothe my soul for some reason. I just really love trees, moss and greenery of all sorts- something about it fills my soul right up.

    I haven’t delved in to vintage dresses, however, I do crave some of the pieces from colorada at etsy- definitely worth looking at. 🙂

    1. thanks! hopefully it will snow tomorrow and I will be able to stay in to finish her and the spirits in the the background…
      Oh, I must look at that seller! I love ramona west, among others…bought a pretty polka dot frock and one with lively summer flowers scattered throughout…saving them for the lazy days of summer.
      Right now I buy all my dresses on etsy! Its HARD hard hard to find the little fitted kind at the thrift store. I am fussy, I guess.
      mossy dreams to you, Eileen!

      1. Oh, I ‘m hoping for snow tomorrow and so far it’s predicted down here in Va, so maybe it’s heading up there as well. *fingers crossed**
        I’ll have to look at Ramona West’s etsy site – sounds dreamy!
        Thanks for the wishes for mossy dreams, Sarah!!
        Happy painting!! ~Eileen

  2. absolutly lovely. I’m in love with your color palette, very rich and yet light at the same time. oh and thanks for the very louscious green moss pic, here in Quebec we have the white blanquet on, which is lovely in it’s own way, but makes me crave for green vibrance.

    1. Thanks so much Valerie! I guess the colors are a result of many, many layers. I love moss too…we SHOULD be covered in snow here but on that day it was 50 degrees! Now its like, 10 degrees and icy. I wish for more snow, we have all spring and summer to admire the moss!

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