last day of fall, bittersweet

Taking it all in…the last day of autumn. I spent the night in my studio working on a new painting. Here is a little teaser:

Cold, cold hands. Winter came early this year. My hands are cold but my fingers are very very happy thanks to a beautiful ring by jade scott jewelry

The ring is sterling silver with a bit of red lace captured in resin. Its just big enough to be noticed without being too big. Please do check out her store…she is a girl on a quest to make pretty things!

I think that bittersweet berries are so pretty. These lost their little golden pods but are as bright as ever despite the snow and cold. I picked a few vines to make a wreath.

On a walk today, melting ice and the greenest moss…

I got home early from work, bought a gingerbread latte to sip and keep my hands warm and went for a walk. This time I walked along a little stream and it just so happened that my walk turned into a treasure hunt! Along the bank of the stream in the cold water were shards of old tea cups, plates and other victorian goodies long broken and forgotten (some might be even older too!). The colors, floral motifs and crackles on the shards are so, so inspiring. I even found a little glass doll (head broken off though). Oh, I need to take a picture of all my goodies! I’m going back tomorrow when more of the snow and ice melts to scavenger hunt some more. Tomorrow measures the start of winter!

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  1. What a lovely new piece! 🙂 The colors look so autumny to me… quite fitting for the last day of this season. 🙂

    I’m intrigued by your goodies… can’t wait to see pictures of them!

  2. Sarah! You have to be the Queen of Etsy! You find the best treasures!!! Love the berries, and wonderful snow photos, how I miss the snow… Looking forward to seeing your painting in completion! Happy solstice and wonderful holidays to you…!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    This is a lovely painting! I cannot wait to see it finished (and then I shall have to purchase a print). I love winter berries so much – especially against freshly fallen snow.
    I have been very busy with work and making some xmas gifts – not much time to write anymore. I have forsaken the LJ for lack of time. Maybe I’ll start up a new one in the coming year.
    Have a wonderful holly-day!!!

    Etsy IS the best – I have purchased such wonderful things from so many talented artisans. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Theresa! Well, it is finally complete…I don’t know why painting sometimes takes me so long. I paint and then think about it…change it and the process repeats.
      Happy holidays!!!


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