Dreaming of ships with map patterned sails

Most of my initial ideas are recorded in my sketchbook. Recently I have been attached to it, carrying it around everywhere. Ideas come and go through dreams, meanderings outdoors, while perusing antique shops, driving or drinking a cup of yummy tea…I never know when I’ll need my book! I have pretty patterned tapes that I use to secure magical little things I find on the ground or in old storybooks. I have no objection to tearing out old book pages. My pile of thrifted books is growing so I have tear and toss or else they will take over my whole studio. Some ideas in my journals are recorded and passed over, but some are used in paintings. Here’s a page…

Time is flying by….I have so many wonderful new vintage things to share. Vintage shoes and riding boots, the most whimsical folk art tin, porcelain sailboat plates a wicker basket that is in the shape of a ship (my heart was all a-flutter for that find)….all from today! I got the best little calico quilted jacket today with toggles, red piping and little patch pockets. I am impatient so I scanned it here, and as soon as it is clean it is going with me into the woods…

I love searching for vintage on etsy. I bought these wonderful wing-tipped vintage secretary shoes from And the Open Road

and I think I am going to make little wool flowers to clip on them. Has anyone seen the magazine Marie Claire ideas? Its in french which I can’t read but the idea photos are lovely!

Ok, enough about old shoes french magazines and thrift shopping. I leave you with this little sketch, she is the “sketchiest” I get (and I am usually shy about posting something so unfinished but I feel brave tonight)

Have a beautiful weekend. I believe this one will be the height of the pretty-leaf season! I hope to carve a pumpkin or two.


4 replies on “Dreaming of ships with map patterned sails”

  1. I love how you tape things into your journal! what a great idea to keep all those things that inspire you close by! 🙂 I have to admit, I too cut up thrifted books; I’m a compulsive thrifter and probably far too many books find their way home with me! 😉 hehe.

    Love that jacket as well–this is making me want to go hit a couple of my favorite thrifty haunts some time soon!

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  2. Your artwork is so tender and delightful. I love the sketching- you’re in the “flow” and having that sketchbook is allowing you to capture so much!!! I am thrilled for you and by the creations you have made. 🙂
    I do adore those shoes and that jacket!! I’ve not seen that magazine, but now I will hunt it down when I’m studying this weekend- I take dream breaks of course! 😛
    Have a leaf- filled weekend with glorious views. ~* 😀

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