vintage and henna

I spent my weekend outdoors, half of it by the sea painting henna beside the quaint porch of the fabulous Kitch and Kaboodle vintage store. The porch is stashed with so many treasures, including a rack of colorful prairie dresses and a pink fridge! I came home with lots of treasures.

I bought some oddities at a store called the Scarlet Unicorn and drank iced tea till I floated away.
I think I am going to henna my arm with a sepia ship sailing in the sea. Today will be spent painting and there will be an update in my shop very soon.

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  1. Henna is beautiful- and it looks so lovely with your amazing moonstone ring!!! Awesome!!
    What a great shop!! Full of light, airy and colorful. I bet you found some amazing things as you have quite an eye for beauty. I just scrolled back up to be mesmerized by that ring. I think it has secret powers. 😉

  2. I love henna too. It also works wonders in hair (and I know I’ve said this before)
    The ring is actually rose quartz. I was in the indian shop looking for henna and a tray of big stone rings caught my eye. The woman behind the counter was like “you are rose quartz” (I was incredibly indecisive trying to pick one out) so I bought it. I know, I know…I am easily sold. She said it with such a soft voice, a squint in her eye, like I was the rings owner and she knew it! I am such a sucker for these type of things!

  3. I should have known– I have a rose quartz too- but not as large! It is gorgeous and I’m a sucker for those things too. The whole, “you are….” always gets me too! You know, I think she’s right though! 😉 Enjoy it!! I’ll have to post a pic of mine sometime.
    I ordered some henna, but haven’t had the courage to try it. Maybe this week while I’m recharging for Tech to start again…hmmm…

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