My Favorite at the MoMA

Yesterday I ventured into New York to visit the Museum of Modern Art. I was excited to view the Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries, especially this by Kiki Smith.

This display case drew me in right away! A bunch of strange little gems…In it was a few Joseph Cornell boxes, a Frida, among others…

And a close up of Cornells Bebe Marie, so strange and beautiful. I was quite bummed that I missed his exhibit in Salem when I visited last.

It was fun to get really close to the paintings, and I will be going back very soon!

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  1. I love going to art museums too!! I saw a number of Fridas and an O’Keeffe out at the National Women’s Art Museum in DC- it was thrilling!! I created a sort of research/ biographical piece out of it and felt like a schoolgirl the whole time I did it. I spoke in to a recorder and everything- very professional and to be honest, strange. 🙂
    This sounds like a blissful day to me!! 😀

  2. The museum in DC sounds fabulous! I have never been. I went to another today…the Morgan museum in NYC. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed. 🙁
    ps- Thanks for your comment her in my new journal!

  3. Oh, you must visit it sometime- they’ll be having a feminist showing from Sept- Oct. called, WACK!, that’s when I’m hoping to go next.
    I’m glad to catch up with you here as well as lj. 🙂
    Silly rules, no cameras in museums- bah!!

  4. yes, it is quite silly! But I guess its for the better. Sometimes falshes go off by accident, and thats bad:(
    But I REALLY wish I could of captured some of the treasures in the museum.

  5. I have to remember to check this page- I feel like I’ve wandered off without my teeth in or something, (old lady joke in reference to myself ;)). Your post set me off on a google search and a library dig checking out Kiki Smith. She’s amazing and from NJ!!!Yay!! I had mybluelake on my desktop background for a while and boy did that pull people in!!! I also like Kara Walker- what do you think of her? I am thinking of introducing art as a way to talk about sociology in my next teaching opportunity. It could be interesting, I think.

    1. Gosh, seems as though I need to remember to check here too! I have been so busy painting that I forgot to blog:(
      I have an update very, very soon though (like tomorrow!)
      Wow, I didnt know that Kiki Smith is from NJ!! I’ll have to check it out to see where.
      Kara Walker is so completely awesome! I love the “twist” she puts on her silouettes. Very cool, I would love to see her work in person. I think that it is quite large.
      The teaching idea that you have is wonderful!

  6. Hey, that’s a good thing!!! I did see the update and commented there too- I’m all over your new blog site. 🙂 Now I have another new favorite of yours- this work has such a feel to it that I am in to now. I blogged a bit about this newish vibe or spell I’ve been under at LJ, so it may make more sense if you get a chance to scan that.
    I would love to see Kara Walker’s work in person- she is intense as is her work.
    I’m glad you like the new teaching idea- I’m writing up my experiences with love songs this summer for possible publication- we’ll see.
    I saw the PBS art21 series with Kiki Smith and her studio was listed as Mercerville, NJ. Cool…

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