black and white

Beautiful, inspiring mess…
Sometimes I like to strip away the colors until there’s nothing left but black, white and gray.
The recent purchase of a harlequin shell-covered box and a little found flower gave me the urge to put together all the pretty items in my house in this color scheme.

Here are some things I have come across as of recent…
There are lots of roses in bloom around town. The antique white ones look so delicate, like porceline. I collected some petals to dry but all I was left with was dried up brown flakes.

The cemetery near my home is soooo old. Theres graves in there from the 1700’s. The victorian wrought iron gate gives me chills! It has bats with heads that were clearly bent off. So all along the front of the cemetery is an army of 100’s of headless bats!

And look at this store display from the amazing Anthro (where else?)
This prompted me to go home and pull out my stash of victorian photos, now a lovely shade of sepia from age.

More more more!!!

I was walking in the woods and I found a teacup! I went to pick it up and it was stuck in cement. I looked around and there were many teacups, all lodged in the ground. It drove me crazy! It is a sign that I must stop hoarding old things…pretty things. The teacup wasnt even that pretty. It was more of a thick, ceramic coffee cup. But amongst the woods they did look quite whimsical.

Near the teacups grew this mess of a tree…

I love this jacket. It was passed up at a yard sale (100??!!) but its a vintage Christian Dior and sooooo lovely.

A delicate gypsy dancer pencil drawing that I could not pass up!