spring sweet spring

Happy Spring all! So far I have been celebrating with the spring sunshine…
Ate a box of chocolates and then collected green tidbits from around my studio. It makes a lovely little shadow box, yes?
I rearranged my spring alter table with greens, yellows and browns. I put a little nest under my cloche bell jar and displayed some treasures around. On the table sits a little porcelaine bell to chime in the season. The lady holds the perfect little seedling in her arms. Small paper parasols grace my table, the kind that come in yummy pina coladas. Recently I have had a curiosity to flip through vintage hardcover novels at old lady thrift shops. I must admit, my curiosity has turned into a collection. I unpacked my spring clothes and shopped for a few new things. I particularly love this blouse, with its green spots and vintage-inspired buttons. The giant dots make me thirst for lemony-lime gumballs.

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Spring alter table

She’s a bell that chimes so sweet…

Candle light and daylight…

Under my cloche…

I bought this bunny for a quarter! He is quite happy on my shelf.

Picnic season is upon us. For now, chocolate yummies…

There is a swamp behind where I live that is a sweltering garden to skunk weed. For now, thousands of small yellow flowers bloom in the waters.

I forgot how much spring renews and reinspires me. I saw a couple picnicking atop a patchwork quilt in a meadow today. The scene gave me a wonderful taste of the warm weather ahead. Tell me, what would you pack in YOUR picnic lunch?