favorite things

i simply love lists. here is a list of a few of my favorite things right now…

i love this print! i bought it a few days ago in a thrift shop. it is a torn page from a storybook from long ago.

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i love horseshoes and antique lace and little handpainted trinkets.

i love soft, muted colors. the colors of november are so inspiring.

i love old buttons. i have quite a collection. i finally finished sorting them into mason jars tonight.

i love long hair. things made from hair fascinate me, especially victorian hair art. my grandma had one with a basket of flowers woven from real human hair under an oval frame. it was both icky and pretty at the same time.
i also love bed sheets from the 60’s and 70’s. yes, icky but pretty. i have been collecting various sheets to be used in my art quilts.

i love thrifted gold costume jewelry. lockets, cheap cameos, metal bows, wooden jewelry, victorian-inspired jewelry from the 60’s.
i bought most of this last week.
oh, and i like little deer, acorns and nuts.

i love old scrapbooks. this one was a wedding gift. the texture with the hand painted and blue bow is gorgeous! i was planning on making it into a memorybook from my honeymoon but it sits on my shelf. the pages are so fragile..

other things that inspire me right now:

cabinets of curiosity
framed dead butterflies and dried flowers
the little sculpted mushrooms that i made for my art alter
anything treasure craft
my growing collection of vintage skirts
the piles and piles of vintage lace and fabrics that i am trying to organize right now
dotted swiss
stitching on paper
shadow boxes and assemblage
painting on found objects
wooden things
i will always love the words and art of sark and sabrina ward-harrison